“The miracle is this – the more we share,
the more we have.”

– Leonard Nimoy

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Downloadable Mandala

Try out the relaxing, soul-centering practice of colouring in mandalas.

Soul Food Bookmark

This free bookmark is intended to save your place every day as you play in my book Soul Food, A 90 Day Journey of Self Discovery While Building Nourishing Habits.

Kirtan Chant Playlists

As discussed in my book, Soul Food, I’ve put together some playlists to support your creative practice. I’ve used Spotify, which is a music service where you can make a free account, and “Follow” these lists so you can play the whole playlist whenever you want.

Printable Mandala Templates

A variety of pre-made mandala templates to download and print in order to create your own mandala designs.

Guided Meditation for the Heart Centre

A guided meditation of the heart … to relax and ground oneself, and to go forth into the world living from the heart and sharing your love and light.

Finding Creative Inspiration & Flow from Kirtan Chant

A PDF Article.

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